Daniel Ott Bryant 

began his writing career after a lifetime of adventures.

Husband to Dixie and father of three: Bethany, Logan, and Brittany, with four wonderful grandchildren, Levi, Camden, Bailey and Brody, along with his beloved pets.

After retiring from the US Air Force in 1995 and beginning a career as a middle school teacher in 1998. 

Daniel began writing as a form of therapy. Once he had deveoped his "style" and was comfortable sharing his stories with family and trusted friends he began the process of creating books. Those friends and family, along with several middle and high school students became the "beta testers" for the Chandaran Chronicles. WHat began as one epic story of more than 1700 pages, has been edited and refined into three books titled the Chandaran Chronicles

Zan's Quest, Book I of the Chandaran Chronicles was released in March of 2015, Book II, Altas' Revenge was released in April 2016 and the Book III, The Forbidden Quest was released in Aug 2016.

The New Series: The Warlock Mysteries was released in 2018