The Forbidden Quest        Book III of the Chandaran Chronicles

The Elders have ordered Zan to the Forbidden Mountains! A place that no one has ever returned from. With little hope of ever returning to his family and friends, he must try. Zan is the only one with a chance of saving Alta and Draego, and more importantly, the rest of the planet as well. The final showdown with evil will be in the valley of the Forbidden Mountains. Sacrifices will be made and lives will be lost in the battle to save all life on the planet.

The Chandaran Chronicles

Zan's Quest        Book I of the Chandaran Chronicles

After a 1,000 years of peace on the planet Chandara, an ancient evil appears and threatens the lives of everyone on the planet. According to a cryptic ancient prophecy, a teenager named Zan is the only one with a chance of finding and defeating the evil. Guided by a mysterious pair of Elders, the boy faces impossible odds. Alone, the teen must travel to the lands of the tempermental Lightning Cats and the deadly Ligers in order to find his family and to seek out the evil. Entering into foriegn lands where his kind are not welcome, and without his giant panther Lexa by his side, Zan has little chance of success. 

Alta's Revenge        Book II of the Chandaran Chronicles

The Ligerian Elders, K'Lar and Vega, have vanished and the Ligers are on the verge of civil war! To make matters worse, the evil Retofors are still on the loose and preparing to unleash a plague of deadly creatures on the planet. With the lives of every giant cat and human on the planet at stake, it will be an all-out war. Only by combining the abilities of the Ligers, Chitrakans and Pantherans can the creatures be stopped. Unfortunately, there are centuries of bad blood between the three races. Can Zan convince them to set aside old prejudices and biases in time to save the planet?

     Chandara, with its twin moons, is one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy. A sometimes, violent world, on the verge of chaos, where humans and Saberons (giant Panthers, Cheetahs, and Ligers) have lived side-by-side for over a thousand years. Best Friends and teenagers, Zan and Lexa, one human and one panther, are about to be recognized as adults when tragedy strikes. Lexa, along with the rest of Zan's family have been kidnapped! For the first time in his life, Zan is truly alone.  In order to rescue his family, Zan must travel to Chitraka, the land of the Lightning Cats. He will find few friends in the female dominated society. They have little use for males and even less use for Pantherans and Zan is both. If he can't find his family there, he'll be forced to look in Ligeria, land of the mighty Ligers. It's a male dominated society that lives to fight and kill. Either place would be extremely dangerous for a pair of young Pantherans, but without his panther Lexa, Zan has little hope of surviving. Still, he must try. Not only the lives of his family, but those of every Saberon and Human on the planet, are counting on him.