Nobody knows exactly what Gabriel is...

The Laws of Nature say the boy shouldn't exist. All those around him know he is different, but few can say how. Gabriel is intuitive and wise beyond his years and seemingly has no fear of the dark, in fact he thrives in it. 

Now, a group of secret government agents known only as the Warlocks have decided he is important. Zeus, the only Master Warlock in Canada, must discover what he is and what role he will play in the coming war between the humans and the werewolves. What does Zeus know that no one else suspects and why is he willing to put everything on the line for the boy? What will happen if Gabriel is trained to be a warlock? 

Werewolves... they live and walk among us, but rarely do they get out of line and threaten the humans around them. When they do, it's the warlock's job to deal with them. Gabriel is destined to become the youngest Warlock to ever serve the Canadian Council, whether he wants to, or not. This is the true story of how one boy tried to straddle the divide between them and us, while being true to who he really was. 

The Warlock Mysteries Series